Ovaries & Uterus


  • Massage the corners of the mouth and draw a slight smile on your face.

  • Make relaxed A.

  • Do E by tightening the corners of your mouth tightly back and up.

  • Fold the upper lip over the teeth.​

  • Repeat 3x for 30 seconds at the beginning

Go for a walk and get some fresh air!


OMEGA 3 with high DHE (Docosahexaenoic acid)  and EHA (eicosapentanoic acid)



TEA: Tulsi, Angelika root, Lady's mantle, Yarrow, Nettle (also suitable for herbal bath)

Get ready for a BATH!

The corners of the mouth are like a golden vessel, which should be turned upwards so that the water does not run off. Water symbolizes our much-needed life energy Qi. With exercise, we also do a lifting of our organs - ovaries and uterus.

Gently overheating the body with the help of water can be extremely healing. Since we have to go all under water, only the mouth and nose are supposed to look out of the water, it is a little harder to do this at home, but it is possible. Before going to the bath, drink 1 or 2 cups of hot herbal tea (lemon balm, elderberry or goldenrod). The water should initially be around body temperature (36 -37 degrees Celsius), then rise to 38 degrees. Overheating the body by 2 to 3 degrees causes a kind of artificial heat. The water temperature can go up to 39 and 40 degrees, but heart patients should be careful.

We don’t do overheated baths if we are sick in any way.

Sea salt or good bath salt and herbal tea can be added to the water. While bathing, it is good to scrub the body at least once (you can ask for assistance) - this will help with congestion in the body and anxiety. Stay in the water aproximate 30 minutes. With time also longer.
After the bath, we wrap ourselves in a towel and go to bed to sweat. Then we take a shower, lubricate the body and go to sleep. Attention - we should not cool down after the bath, so we do it in the evening.
Use:  tumor cells do not tolerate heat well and thus help the body get rid of them. It has a good effect on metabolic disorders, urinary tract, genitals, lymph nodes, elimination of skin eczema and rheumatism. That kind of bathing is like a miracle! Do not do it every day, once a week should be enough.

A similar bath, where we use only a bucket in which we sit, is great for women. We can draw connections with Yoni spa, but this process is a bit more powerful.

The father of metaphysics, Parmenides, said, "Give me the strength to cause fever, and I will cure every disease."
Only for LAIDES - Yoni SPA

Already my grandmother had a chair at home that had a hole. Only the wooden edge of the chair served as a seat. In the evenings, she made a strong herbal tea, which she cooked on a low heat even after several hours. The tea was in a larger pot with at least 2 liters of water inside. Then she placed the pot under the chair, and she sat down on the chair without her underpants and wrapped herself in a towel and a blanket over it. So she sat for up to half an hour, as long as the steam was warm and hot.

Today we call this Yoni SPA. It is great for the uterus, ovaries, kidneys, bladder and the entire lower abdominal cavity. It helps tremendously with all problems such as: white flow, fungus, strong and painful menstruation, cleansing and hygiene of the uterus, dark bleeding during menstruation and smelly odor from the vagina.

Attention: the toilet is not a good substitute for a chair! There are bacteria in the toilet that we don’t want to get.
This program is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health problems, injuries or any other concerns, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. I do not take the responsibility for your results. The use of any information and exercises provided in this program is solely at your own risk.
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