• Long and narrow O.

  • Suck your cheek inside.

  • Make fists with your palms and press into your cheeks.

  • Pull your yaw slightly forward and down.

The lower part of the cheekbones, also called moneybags, represent a reservoir for food that the body maintains during times of crisis. These can be physical or more mental crises that can meet us in life. These reserves are like our bank account for Qi to be used when needed. In fact, they also point to our ability to cultivate money. If the lower cheeks are hollow and dark, this is a sign of a serious deficiency and stagnation of the earth element. Weak earth leads to metal deficiency and weakening of the immune system. So make an effort to take life extremely seriously in the sense that you know how to enjoy it. Seriously enjoy it! Do not stagnate, move, follow what makes you happy. Moneybags can save energy by living life. Pay attention to the body, work with the hands, cultivate the strength of the body. The earth also thrives in relationships, collegiality, helping others, and accepting help. Above all, the earth appreciates pleasure: when you taste a variety of dishes, stop and cultivate the food you eat. It’s the same with relationships and money.

3 ways to treat sore muscles


The performer lubricates the body with oils and then scrapes the skin firmly with a round-edged instrument with repeated strokes. Tools can be: a Chinese tablespoon, a blunt bottle, or even an animal bone. Today we use often for gua sha carved crystal stones. Treatment can be sedative or quite aggressive, depending on the person performing it and what intensity is desired; In either case, small red or purple spots called “sha” appear, which are actually subcutaneous spots, bruises, or broken capillaries. Aggressive techniques are not used on the face.


Your workout is only as good as the regeneration after it. Muscles grow and build up in the resting phase. With acupressure, we press the energy points with our fingers or suitable tools to speed up the body’s natural healing. It also works great in promoting lymph circulation. We can do it ourselves and it is also great for the face.


Toxins (external from the environment or already accumulated in the body) can have a strong effect on muscle endurance. With cupping we can release the toxins and also restore the flow of energy and eliminate mucus in the body.

Muscles can also be helped with a mixture of HERBS:
a pinch of lavender, a pinch of nettle and half a pinch of greater celandine. Put the herbs in 1 liter of water (rainwater or boiled water) and soak them for 24 hours.
We can also support muscles very well with: astragalus, atractilis and goji berries and Magnesium.

Maintaining good relationships also means maintaining money.
This program is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health problems, injuries or any other concerns, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. I do not take the responsibility for your results. The use of any information and exercises provided in this program is solely at your own risk.
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