Shen - Spirit


  • Wash your hands and prepare your index finger.

  • Put the index finger in your mouth by hooking it around the corners of your mouth.

  • Pull your hands slightly forward and down.

  • Pull with your fingers apart and with the corners of your mouth together.


  • Place your index finger in front of you for orientation, as a fixed and central point of your gaze.

  • Now you look at the edge of the field of view: up - down, left - right, left up - right down, right up - left down.

  • Do 8 reps for each direction.

  • Do the movements together with breathing: up = inhale, down = exhale. Then switch: up = exhale, down = inhale. Same for all other directions.

  • Round 3 times with your eyes clockwise and 3x counterclockwise.

We perceive each other not only through our sensory senses, but also through our intuition, emotional system and thoughts. Often we do not even know how to describe these perceptions and it is difficult to find the reason why we have a certain feeling about a certain person. It’s not all just appearance. We read each other unconsciously between the lines and often this is the decisive factor in how we react to someone.
Are you familiar with the descriptions: when she entered the room, everything glowed; his face shines; I fell in love with his eyes; it inspires confidence, her sparks in her eyes are unstoppable, and so on? All these are descriptions of Shen or the human spirit. And all this can be seen on the face. Our face is a miracle of communication, made to express our deepest desires, needs and emotions, and at the same time to receive information.

"If we bring harmony to the emotions, to the stability and serenity of the heart, which is rooted and anchored in the Kidney, the shen will return." Peter Firebrace, Thieme Almanac 2008

It is about mind, body and soul!

According to Chinese traditional medicine, shen is part of the trinity that constitue life: Jing- essence; Qi - life force; in Shen - spirit. Shen is an essential part of our health. It embodies our consciousness, emotions, and thoughts, and is active in mental, spiritual, and creative activities. Strenght of the healty shen is stored in a Kidney and lives in a blood vessel. With Shen, we radiate into the world. This is reflected in our wisdom, emotional balance, and ability to see the problem from all sides. Shen is that part of our being that looks beyond and is not focused on emotions. Shen reminds us of the divine.

External factors can harm the spirit if we do not maintain vitality with good habits, physical strength, and sufficient food. Internal factors, especially excessive emotions, can also be harmful. Disharmony often manifests as insomnia, confused thinking, pale eyes, anxiety, chronic restlessness, forgetfulness, and in severe cases, mental illness, including depression and mania. Shen can be strengthened with meditation, physical energy balancing exercises (say Tai Qi and Qi Gong) and with acupuncture and herbal remedies.

Mix together one teaspoon of olive oil and mixed egg yolk. Stir well to make it all together into one mixture. Let the mixture stand for a quarter of an hour, then apply it on your face with a cloth previously soaked in warm milk. The skin will be nourished and moisturized, it will become more supple and soft. You can also add natural organic cream, a pinch of honey or yogurt to the mixture.


The glow of our face and body is often described with beauty; with an inner beauty that radiates outwards and is sometimes indescribable. Even though the essence of inner beauty is not appearance, it is important how we treat our body. Beauty rituals can connect us to see ourselves as beautiful, to feel beautiful, and to think of ourselves as a beautiful being. This is not vanity, this is a healthy attitude towards the body, and with that we also take care of our own spirit.

Beauty rituals are as old as humanity. In a broader sense, of course, as beauty is a very broad concept. What is beautiful today would certainly not have received attention in antiquity. The beautiful Poppaea (the second wife of the Roman emperor Nero) prepared for her face porridge compresses of rye and olive oil. The women of Gaul made masks out of crushed chalk, vinegar, and beer foam. In the Renaissance, roses and whey were famous. Even today, we have countless creams, masks, procedures and nutritional supplements dedicated to ensuring beautiful skin to stay vital, juicy and full for a long time.

The yolk nourishes dry skin, the egg white tightens oily skin and makes it soft.

Put one palm of red rose flowers (if possible, fresh) in a cup of water. Cook them for about 20 minutes, up to half an hour. Strain the water and wait for it to cool. You can wash your face with the lotion or use it for daily moisturizing. You can also add other herbs to the lotion (just a pinch): rosemary, thyme, spleenwort, sage flowers.

Because beauty shines from within, it is necessary to take care of a healthy liver, good sleep, gratitude, meditation and avoid coffee, alcohol and tobacco in particular. Fresh vegetable, fruit and herbal drinks that you drink in the morning are recommended: cress, parsley, celery, carrots, cucumber, lemon juice. You can also add MSM, Silicon to the drink and take vitamin C with it.

This program is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health problems, injuries or any other concerns, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. I do not take the responsibility for your results. The use of any information and exercises provided in this program is solely at your own risk.
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