Kidney &

Adrenal gland


  • With your mouth make a big and relaxed A.

  • Pull both lips strong over the teeth.

  • Pull the corners of your mouth up.


  • Place the index finger and middle finger on the forehead; place the ring finger and little finger under the eyes.

  • Look up and raise your lower eyelid.

  • Press gently with the ring finger into the lower eyelid.

Have you ever met someone who lives too hard, goes too fast and achieves success too young? This is a recipe for depleting the kidney energy and reserves stored there from the time we were born: pre-natal Qi. Each of us receives a certain amount of Jing at birth. Jing is arrange and set for our entire lives, but we can consume it too quickly and prematurely with our lifestyle. Thus we are left without reserves and we are left with only the cultivation of Qi through food and breath.

The time of menstruation and winter is the time when we enjoy warmth, peace and rest. We make a retreat into ourselves, into the depths of our being because we’re in deep regeneration. We are emotionally unavailable at times, and we tend to prefer solitude. Of course, as long as we are in contact with ourselves and we are not strangers to ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we stay all winter at home, inside, where is warm. There is the time of the seasons and the time of the female cycle, which, however, turns several times over the winter. So go out when your period is over, strengthen your body and give it what it needs at its time.

Kidney inflammation

When the kidneys are inflamed there is a loss of protein in the urine. The urine looks foamy. Diet should contain many fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid saturated fat and fried foods. Natural anti-inflammatories will make a huge difference: quercetin, bromelain and fish oil will make the urine visibly less foamy.

The dark and empty area between the cheekbones and the eyes may says: There are still many tears to flow, but there is no more water ...

In inflammation of the kidneys, always use parsley: in food and in tea. Parsley also contains vitamin B12, which is involved in the formation of blood cells. Like parsley, onion is also a diuretic and stimulates the excretion of urine and sodium. It even works externally if the onion is placed in the form of a compress on the kidney area: cut the onion into rings and place it on the lumbar part and cover it with a cloth. Salt and especially meat dishes should be avoided. Even sugar and spicy spices do not have a good effect on kidney function. The kidneys do well with warm water, hot herbal compresses and hot herbal baths. We need to be sure that the blood circulation works properly and that we do not get cold before, during and after water baths. Teas: goldenrod, horsetail, yarrow, nettle, parsley, corn silk (husks).

TIPS to remember!
  • The feet are connected to the kidneys - stimulate them by walking barefoot. Treat yourself to a hot foot bath. Simply pour water into a larger bucket and add Sodium Hydrocarbonate.

  • Massage your ears. Multiple times a day. This little trick has helped me several times to warm my feet in bed if they were cold.

  • Don’t drink energy drinks! Save your energy and go to sleep when you are tired. Allow yourself to rest and slow down as evening comes.

If the kidneys do not function for two days, blood poisoning occurs as the toxins are not excreted. Interestingly, often due to bacterial infections resulting from kidney failure, patients feel pain fairly late, and the infection has already done damage. Therefore, it is always good to take care of the kidneys preventively. Even with minor inflammations, it is not said that we will feel pain. It is good to notice mucus on the underpants. When it is thick, yellow or even green, immediate action should be taken and therapy with tea and a hot herbal bath should be done. We also have to give up salt and sugar completely at that time.

With fresh air and movement during the day and a slow calm down towards the evening, we will ensure our sleep. This helps the adrenal glands to calm cortisol production and we can go into regenerative sleep.
This program is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health problems, injuries or any other concerns, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. I do not take the responsibility for your results. The use of any information and exercises provided in this program is solely at your own risk.
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