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For most of my life, I always looked into my eyes in a hurry in the morning, washed my face, put on a cream or two, and ‘fixed’ my facial features with a little makeup. At the same time, I often criticized in my mind my image of not looking pretty enough. I often found some flaws, regardless of my age. Such was my youth and especially my twenties. Only that I tried to suppress all these thoughts and somehow deny them, because inner beauty is much more important, they taught me. I put myself above everything that has to do with appearance, beauty and pleasure. It's none of my business, I thought. Slowly but steadily, sadness, passivity, and listlessness entered me. When things get less interesting, the inner fire and spark slowly go out because of everything that life brings and takes to everyone, one way or another.

My decision was clear at one point: I can’t go on like this anymore, every morning with judgmental thoughts, with less glow in my eyes, and so terribly tired.


The hardest part for me was saying, I’m beautiful, no matter what. This is a process that is still ongoing. But today I am able to look in the mirror in the morning and say nice words, thoughts; and give myself energy for the whole day. So strongly can Tao Face Yoga practice affect your daily well-being and self-awareness. The day becomes a week, a week a month, a month a year and slowly and with perseverance my life has changed.

Practicing Tao Face Yoga slowly started to wake me up and give me more energy each time. I literally charged my "accumulator" with abdominal breathing and activation of the pelvic floor muscles to keep it from staying half empty over and over again. If the accumulator is empty, we all know very well that we cannot start the car. So it is in the human body: our accumulator is that part of our energy that is absolutely necessary for daily functioning.

So facial yoga has become part of a much bigger picture than I initially thought. This year I became a certified Tao Face Yoga teacher! It is a great pleasure for me to share my experience with you.

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